Great Read- Whether you’re in seminary or nowhere close.

Lately I have been reading a lot of books that deal with the life and ministry of Jonathan Edwards.  A new series of books that has come out very recently is the Essential Edwards Collection. It is a series of five books written by Owen Strachan and Doug Sweeney.  Sweeney is considered an expert on the study of Jonathan Edwards and Owen Strachan studied under him.  They have put out a series of five short books that look at relevant cultural issues and how, the greatest American theologian, would address these issues. I started reading one of the short books entitled On True Christianity.

The book presents the problem of nominal and inauthentic Christianity in our society.  They give a great perspective as to the reality of the situation in our churches. (more on that later).  The author shows us how this was nothing Jonathan Edwards didn’t deal with in his ministry.  Upon presenting the current problem, the author then looks at selected sermons and other works from Edwards that address his response to the situation.

It is a great and interesting book(s) for someone deeply studying the subject or if you want to learn more about America’s greatest theologian in an easy and readable way.

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