Very sobering (and true) quote about the state of American churches

In the book I previously referenced, On True Christianity, the authors include a quote by a great Christian mind Oz Guinness (not the beer- then again maybe they are related).  He speaks of how our churches are consumed with being practical and neglect true theology and our calling as the Church. This quote expresses many things that I have been feeling over the last 2-3 years.  He has taken thoughts from my mind and put them in more thoughtful and intelligent terms.  Read this quote very carefully.

“The concern “will it work?” has long overshadowed “Is it true?” Theology has given way to technique. Know-whom has faded before know-how. Serving God has subtly been deformed into servicing the self. At its worst, the result is a shift from faith to the “faith in faith”, which along with the faith in religion – is a distinctive American heresy.  But even at its best, pragmatism results in an evangelism rich in ingenuity and organization but poor in spirituality and superficial, if not banal in doctrine.  We have become the worldliest Christians in America. ”    -Oz Guinness

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