Deep Church- Read it.

Upon the recommendation of my buddy JT English, I started reading the book Deep Church by Jim Belcher.  It is very refreshing to say the least.  Many of his struggles are the very same ones I have been dealing with over the last couple years.  “How do we as the Church seek to be culturally engaging and relevant yet true to what is authentically and historically Christian? Is it possible?”  Do we have to be slaves to the latest trends and fads that come around?   I have read the first two chapters and am about to continue. 

He also does a admirable job defining the Emerging Church movement.  (Because it is so diverse, there is much confusion).  He tells us that while the Emerging church movement did well to shed light on what is wrong with the Church, its course of action off-course with orthodoxy and must be corrected. 

I will comment more as I read.  Go pick it up!  If you care about the future of the Church and how we can glorify God as we move forward this book is helpful to read.

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